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KCC Excavation LLC - Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine Excavation Company

You Can Count On KCC Excavation LLC

KCC Excavation LLC has the experience, capabilities and equipment to get the job done right the first time. Whether the project requires removal at the rate of 20 trucks per day or long distance hauling, KCC Excavation LLC can make it happen.

KCC Excavation LLC's Mission

KCC Excavation LLC is a mid-size excavation company. Our goal is to provide outstanding performance on every project we undertake. KCC Excavation LLC is dedicated to safety, responsibility and results.

Customer Pledge

KCC Excavation LLC's customer pledge is a complete commitment to your job. Once the job starts, KCC Excavation LLC's resources are committed and dedicated to that one job, enabling it to perform as quickly and efficiently as possible without distraction until completion. Our "one job at a time" philosophy ensures that our top management is on your job everyday guaranteed. If something unforeseen does arise, you can be rest assured that KCC Excavation will utilize its' expert communication skills to handle and resolve the situation.

KCC Excavation LLC Experience Will:

Isolate the problem, from the project as a whole
Research, organize and communicate the facts
Recommend & implement the best solution
Detail any budgetary implications
Handle any required paperwork
Keep the job on track


Call us at 978-658-3929 or fill out our online contact form.


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